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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Adam playing with boy and his teddy bearChiropractic adjustments are an essential tool for injury recovery and healing and pain management. We recommend a consistent approach to your appointments and recommended stretches and exercises, as a closely followed care plan is the best way to achieve your results as quickly and effectively as possible.

When we recommend exercises, stretches, and strengthening practices, our goal is to build a support system that will aid your chiropractic adjustments. Consistency in at-home strengthening, regular adjustments, and any recommended supplemental therapies like rehabilitation or massage therapy can help you live a life unburdened by pain and immobility faster.

Benefits of Care

Chiropractic adjustments with us can help support pain relief, injury recovery, and increased range of motion. We offer chiropractic adjustments that specifically target your condition or ailment, and can include adjusting the back, neck, and extremities such as the shoulders, feet, wrists, ankles, and knees.

Our new patient onboarding process has been carefully designed to address your concerns and gather all relevant medical information before we proceed with any adjustments or therapies.

If your pain is unmanageable or you are afraid to undergo adjustments, Dr. Adam will work with you to find alternative therapy and pain management methods that can help you get to a place where adjustments are possible.

Our Techniques

Dr. Adam Evans primarily relies on manual adjusting, but is a skilled practitioner of the following techniques:

Manual adjustment – Dr. Evans uses his hands to feel along your spine, neck, or extremities and correct positioning manually.

Activator – The activator technique uses a small hand-held device to gently perform adjustments.

Graston – The Graston technique is another form of instrument assisted adjusting that allows Dr. Evans to address scar and soft tissue in the back and extremities.

Orthotics – Dr. Evans may offer orthotic insoles to help your feet recover from traumatic injury or pain.

Traction – Dr. Evans may recommend traction stretching and realignment for moderate to severe neck or back pain.

Thompson Drops – Dr. Evans uses a specialized moving drop table to gently readjust areas of your spine.

Focused stretching and exercises – We recommend specific stretching, exercises, and rehabilitative movement to help your body recover.

And more!

The doctor will go over the options available for your specific injuries at your first visit. In addition to these techniques, we have added physical rehabilitation, massage therapy, and pain management services to our offerings. Our physical rehab services are often an essential piece of your rehabilitation, and are always offered in conjunction with chiropractic care. Our massage therapy services are offered as a standalone service or, if required, as an additional piece of your dedicated care plan.

Our pain management services are offered by our in-house PA Dr. Stephens. We are proud to offer a highly customizable combination of the techniques that Dr. Adam Evans feels will help you heal quickly, so you can regain your mobility and live your best life!

Learn More Today

Contact us at (509) 783-7242 to set up your consultation today! We offer a broad range of services that we tune specifically to fit the unique needs of your injury recovery.

Dr. Adam is a compassionate family provider of chiropractic care in Kennewick. We offer on-site x-rays, walk-in appointments, and customized care plans, and accept most major medical insurance providers.

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